“Who Am I?! Why Am I Here?!”

The trouble with first impressions is that you only get to make one–or at least one per entity you’re trying to embark/launch. There are two factors that actually make a first impression while blogging more worry-free than advertised.

  1. It’s a blog, if you feel that you made a mistake somewhere down the line, you can always edit later on down the road.

  2. I’ve borked so many first impressions, that it’s sort of become a textbook of “What not to do” when meeting new people–so at least I’ve got a few practice rounds under your belt.

So with that in mind, let’s keep this simple and nobody gets hurt. My name is Justin, I’m 31 years old, and there’s a lot on my mind that I have a hard time verbalizing in front of actual human beings. In other words, I’m a shy person who feels more powerful when typing things out. In the words of Lewis Black, “Oprah would call that ‘Empowerment'”. I’ve spent most of my adult life in Radio Broadcasting in one aspect or another, whether as a DJ, a Program Director, a Commercial Producer or even the voice of one. I currently work for one of the Largest Broadcasting companies in the world (Not counting the Astral Satellite in Europe), and every once in a while I bump in to the occasional famous person. For instance, here’s me with the great Tracy Morgan just this past Christmas…

tray (edit)


And now for the next question, “Why the hell did I censor my face?” Simply put, as much as I appreciate/respect the internet for being the technological marvel that it is, I’m kind of the type where I don’t want my face to be seen publicly. I’m not saying I will Never show my face, it’s just that when your bank account has been hacked into twice, and other people pose as you claiming to be you and come close to damaging your name, it might be safer just to add a layer or two of mystery. As time goes by, I’ll let the defenses go down a little bit. But for now, I assure you that this is me next to Tracy–sadly, he did not take me behind a middle school and get me pregnant, but I DO have a story about how this picture came to be…but that’s a story for another day.


In the meantime, This blog has no central theme, Hence the title “Usefully Useless Information” (I was gonna call this place “Transcendental Tangents”, but then people would mistake me for being a fan of Deepak Chopra. If anybody out there is reading this and wants to use that name for your own blog, go nuts! Don’t forget to give me a 10% commission once you sell the rights to a book publisher.) Now, granted I clicked on the “General Arts & Entertainment” button, but more often than not, this blog is really more about venting frustrations in addition to the occasional “Hey! Did you watch (*INSERT TV SHOW/MOVIE HERE*) Last Night?” Yes, Pop Culture (particularly my love of classic television) is probably going to be one of the ongoing things that happens here–not unlike Brian Benben from “Dream On” (Remember That show? Sure ‘ya Do!) but I’ll try/attempt to talk about it in a civilized way. On other occasions, I might have a story about something cool/amusing/poignant/some other thing I found on the streets of New York. On rare occasions, I’ll talk about some embarrassing details of my personal life. And other times still, maybe I’ll share a censored photo of me with another famous person willing to waste 30 seconds of their time on as selfie (Which, apropos of nothing, my spell checker wants to spell that word as “Sulfide”). Long story short, this blog has only one rule; “Anything can Happen”…Hell, I have a story to tell about how something else using this phrase wound up being one of my Favorite disappointments…but again, another story for another day.


At the end of the day, I’m just another fool with a blog who thinks he’s going to make it big some day. With your help…that’s probably not going to happen anyway, but at the very least, I hope it’ll help me meet non-drunk women and actually talk to them without looking like a blithering idiot. Also, +5 Points if you can guess the reference in this (or any other) posting’s title.


NOTE: Points are not redeemable for cash, credit, or any other thing in the universe other than the satisfaction of knowing as many obscure references as I do–some additional restrictions may apply.


And so, we begin…


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