Other Rules I forgot to Mention

Consider this a “Utility” post.


Apparently, blogging is one of those things where you need to be on the ball on a fairly regular basis…unfortunately, like 99% of the rest of the world, I have a life outside of my computer. So much so, that thanks to the magic of hindsight, I might’ve jumped in the pool without wearing goggles first–so to speak (you’ll also notice that more often than not, I speak in a LOT of Colloquialisms). That said, I never really laid down any rules as to how this place works, when you’d see posts from me, what I will/won’t talk about, etc. So allow me to take a few seconds to etch into digital, easily editable stones the “Commandments” for this blog.




THOU (or “I” in this case) SHALT WRITE THINGS THAT ARE SFW (as opposed to NSFW)


Obviously, trying to get an audiences attention in the digital age is hard enough as it is. It’s even harder still without using sex or violence to get whatever points across. Long story short, you will NEVER See anything gratuitous or explicit here…except maybe some cause swearing–I’m only fuckin’ human. This means exactly what it means; no nudity/porn, no “Extreme” violence (I.e. Some poor fool getting killed on amateur video et. al), nothing that would offend. This is a Happy place, and I hope it stays that way. At the same time, this doesn’t mean certain topics are not off limits. If something is worth talking about that just so happens to be a “Hot Button”, I’ll talk about it in a civilized manner…which brings me to rule 2…




I have nothing against free speech–what do you think blogs are all about? The comments section is open at ALL times on ALL topics. But if you happen to be one of those types that feels like you have to be the center of attention and spout out a bunch of nonsense that either has nothing to do with a given entry, or if you wind up spouting out a lot of hateful rhetoric; there’s the door, watch your step. As is the case with the entries, the discussion itself (if any) should also be kept civilized. The last thing I want to do is spread hate of any kind. If you disagree with me on anything, you’re welcome to do so…just don’t turn this into an episode of (*INSERT TRASHY DAYTIME TALK SHOW HERE*)





I work 5 nights a week in New York City, I also have to commute a long distance in order to get to and from my job. The fact that I have enough time in the week to pound out a few hundred (or thousand) words at a time is a miracle in itself. More often than not, I will write stuff on days whenever I have time on my hands (Case in point: As of 5/25/2016, it’s a Wednesday Night, I’m at my office, and I have nothing to do. The PERFECT Time to write something). Later this summer, however, I do have a number of things written out far in advance for something completely unrelated that wound up blowing up in my face. THOSE Entries I hope to put out Every Day for the entire Summer…but we’ll get to that. Point is, don’t expect a whole lot of frequency with these things–this isn’t a daily newspaper, a weekly magazine or a quarterly publication. I write whenever the mood strikes me…mostly on the weekends if you HAVE to set your watch to it. This also goes for my “Multi-Part” blogs (I.e. “The Little Things” and other ideas I have not yet thought of), I’m not going to do them every single time I write something. I might do several at a time, then diverge to some other topic for a little while, then resume after an indeterminate time. Even though I’m trying to look for some consistency, I’m in no rush to write these things (Unless I’m on some sort of Demonic Hot Streak or something). So relax, there’s time, I’m not going anywhere (pending the results of my next physical).


Those are the 3 Major rules I have around here…for now. If anything new winds up being a problem, there WILL be more of them. for now though, let’s get out there and have fun!


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