A Comment: Orlando & Humanity

I’ll be brief…lord knows there are better people out there more qualified to talk about this than I will…
What happened today in Orlando was neither a Gun issue, a Gay issue, or even a Terror issue (Although, yes, all 3 do feature prominently), but rather an issue of Humanity being put through the wringer once again; and the all-day news coverage of it only wrung the matter drier than usual. We as a population can only take so much tragedy in the world before we either can’t take it anymore, or we become so desensitized to it all that we don’t care anymore. When it comes to a tragedy like this, it’s really not that hard to pick a side…I choose humanity, something that seems to be sorely lacking in the World in this day and age. An unnecessarily high number of lives have been lost that didn’t need to be today (Not just in this tragedy, but other unrelated circumstances all over the World).
I’ve had friends in my lifetime who are members of the LGBTQ community, I’ve had friends in the Middle Eastern community, I’ve had friends who own guns in a responsible way, and they have all turned out to be decent human beings. It doesn’t matter if you’re pro/anti-Gun, pro/anti-Gay, pro/anti-Muslim; what matters first and foremost is that you’re a human being, you’re put on this planet to make the most of your time in a way that will hopefully make a difference in the lives of fellow human beings. It’s never easy, but it CAN be done.
My Prayers tonight are not just for the city of Orlando, not just for the lives lost, but for the rest of the world who knows deep down that not everybody in the world is a heartless monster with intent to kill…it’s just unfortunate that that’s what we seem to focus on more and more these days with little regard on how to curb such matters in a rational way–and you wonder why people want to move to Canada if the wrong person is elected.
#PrayForOrlando, but above all else, Pray for humanity.

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