A Comment: 240 Words

It’s not perfect. It’s not infallible. There are people currently trying to run it that some people don’t want anywhere near it, and there are others out there who think they can do it better even though they clearly can’t. There are some parts of it that are hellholes, there are some parts of it that are paradise. There are some people who want to “Take it Back”, there are some people who think it’s fine the way it is. They’re fat, they’re skinny, they’re short, they’re tall, they’re loud, they’re quiet. They’re conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat or somewhere in between. They’re White, Black, Asian, Arabian, Latino. They’re transsexual, bisexual, homosexual, pansexual, metrosexual. They’re Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Mormon, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, Scientologist, Agnostic, Atheist. They are employed, unemployed, underemployed, affluent, upper-class, middle-class, broke, poor, destitute. They drive cars, they ride the bus, they ride their bikes, they walk on two legs—or one leg, or even no legs if they’re unfortunate. They’re from Metropolis’, Cities, Towns, Hamlets, Villages, Streets. They’re born, they live, they die, all the while they try to make a difference and a living while chasing a dream that it is named for.


“It” is America, “They” are Americans, and 240 years later, we’re still independent despite the flaws and the odds. Yet in spite of those flaws, I wouldn’t change a thing…except hot dogs…and racists…and how easy it is to get a gun.


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