Musical Word Association

In an effort to add a little “audience participation” around here, let’s play a quick little game. I’m going to play a short piece of Production Music; and I want you, the reader, to tell me the first thing (or even several things) that comes to mind when you hear it. Here’s the Track…



And here’s the things that I picture while this music plays:

*Everything is in Black & White
*All Cars are Convertibles
*All Men Wear Suits w/Fedoras
*All Women wear knee length skirts
*All Male Children wear Beanies w/Propellers
*All Female Children have bows in their hair
*All Male Teens have “Ducktail” haircuts
*All Female Teens wear Poodle Skirts & wear Ponytails
*People say things like “Gee Whiz” & “Swell”, and NOT get their asses kicked for doing so.
*People who think Root Beer falls into the category of “I never Touch the Stuff”.


Now your turn, what do YOU think of when you hear this music?



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