TUSK! The interactive Game

Aside from SNL, one of my ALL TIME favorite TV shows is a little program originally based out of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area of Minnesota. It is Simply called “Mystery Science Theater 3ooo” (Or “MST3K” for those who speak in abbreviations). Anyway, while looking up clips for the next SNL editorial, I accidentally came across This classic clip of Mike & the Bots singing along to the rather rhythmic end credit music to the film “Werewolf”, Sing along if you know the Words…

And for you Trivia buffs who want to know the origin of each song clip, here ‘ya go…

So popular was this gag, that about 15 years later, one of my favorite online reviewers; Todd in the Shadows did an homage to it while reviewing Madonna’s little know Student Film “A Certain sacrifice”, and it goes like this (the actual bit starts at the 9:30 mark)…

And after watching all 3 videos, that got me to thinking. What Other songs could fit the rhythm of the “Werewolf” credits? Off the top of my head, here are a couple…


“Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons
“Song of the Roustabouts” from Dumbo
“Royals” by Lorde
Then a TUSK! (Gotta add one in between a block of 3-4 songs at a time)
“You Are The Blood” by Sufjan Stevens
“Sex & Candy” by Marcy Playground
“Kashmir” by Led Zepplin
“When you Wish upon a Star” from Pinocchio
“Daughter” by Pearl Jam
“Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve
“Take a Picture” by Filter
The Hamm’s Beer Jingle
“Cleveland Rocks” by Ian Hunter (that Version ONLY, Not the “P.O.T.U.S” version)
“That’s What Friends are For” by Dionne Warwick & Friends

…and so forth–again, that’s off the top of my head.


Having said all of that, what songs would be on your “Werewolf Playlist”?



1. You only have 90 seconds worth of song to play with in the “Werewolf” video.

2. The songs you choose have to fit melodically regardless of the original song’s speed

3. Above all else the word TUSK! has to fit in every 3rd, 4th or 5th song (If you can’t think of that many, every 2nd song will work).


Good Luck, and Happy Song Re-arranging…Hit the Button, Frank…


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