S.O.S.N.L: The Future

Well, here we are…what once started out as a daily paragraph about SNL sketches has now turned into a collection that’s worthy of turning into a self-published book—only for NBC & Lorne Michaels to inevitably slap me with a Cease & Desist order for horning in on their business…and this is me being a Positive Thinker. Anyway, For the past 90 days, we’ve taken a look at the best, the worst and the middling of “Saturday Night Live”, and for the most part it turned out a lot better than I thought it did. I’m still not quite sure how things work vis a vis the ratings system around here, but as of today, I’m happy to say that S.O.S.N.L. is the feature on “Usefully Useless Information” that “Pays the Bills”* so to speak (*NOTE: Of course I Don’t make Money here, what do you think this is? Cracked?). As of September 21st, 2016, a total of over 1,800 views—between the page proper & the separate blog posts—have been recorded in the past 3 months. I know that doesn’t seem like much in the world of Viral Videos or even blog sites in general, but it’s comforting to know that that many people have tuned in, especially from the rare corners of the world like Canada, The UK (or what’s left of it), Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Argentina, Malaysia, Australia, and just the other day our first viewer from France—so thank you for doing so thus far, and I wish I could say the same thanks in multiple languages w/o cheating and using Google Translate.


So………………..Now What? Summer’s over, that means this is over too, right? In the words of the Late John McLaughlin…WRONG!! To answer the Million Dollar Question of “is this going to continue despite the fact that it was Specifically called the ‘Summer of SNL?'” Short answer “Yes with an If”, Long answer “No with a But” (Thanks Rev. Lovejoy!). You see, I wanted to start writing a blog because there were a lot of things on my mind aside from TV Comedy, but in essence TV Comedy was probably the best way to kick off something, and SNL is pretty much Low-Hanging Fruit—Who on the Internet DOESN’T have something to say about the show? That said, Yes, S.O.S.N.L. Will continue, but Not with as much frequency as it did when it started a mere 3 months ago. Instead, this will become a Weekly Feature—Partly because there are Many other things in the world to talk about, especially since we’re coming close to a Dark Day in November, and I want to resume the focus on that & whatever else is on my mind (Hell, I haven’t even scratched the surface of “The Little Things”…remember that? Sure ‘ya Do!).


That said, A “New” old sketch will be featured each and every Saturday (or Sunday, depending on which part of the World you’re in), but there will be a twist. As some of you know, NBC airs classic episodes of SNL Saturday Nights in Primetime @ 10PM/9PM Central. With that, the sketch that I will showcase that week will come from that week’s vintage episode. Sounds simple enough, but what about the weeks when there is No show and NBC wants to put on some sports instead? No Problem, that week, I will continue to do either a list, a commentary or a cast member profile—partly because there have been several topics that “I’ll Get to”, and I want to remain a man of my word. In addition, as we get into more Holidays & Election coverage (Including the pending “Weekend Update Thursday” shows), OR if something of a “Breaking News” variety happens (I.e. Death of someone synonymous with the show and/or something less morbid) you will see a couple BONUS Sketches during those weeks. Finally, to answer the Other question, “Why would you continue to call it S.O.S.N.L. If the summer is over? What’s going to happen to the extra ‘S’”? Well…that’s not that big a deal to worry about, but since the subject might come up anyway, I’ve got it covered. (*SPEAKS IN A JAMES EARL JONES FROM “COMING TO AMERICA” VOICE*) From this day forward, S.O.S.N.L. Will No Longer stand for “Summer of Saturday Night Live”…It will instead be known as……(*DRUMROLL PLEASE*)………STASH OF SNL! That way, we can keep this going 24/7/365, and I don’t have to do anything pesky like change the domain names and ask everybody to bookmark a new page for it—I know that SOUNDS lazy, but it makes all the sense in the world if you think about it.


So essentially, all we’re really doing is taking a 10-day break. The New Season of SNL will begin on October 1st with Host Margot “Harley Quinn” Robbie and Musical Guest The Weeknd (who is probably rich enough now to afford the Extra “E”). On that same night, “SNL Vintage” will return at 10PM/9PM Central and so will I. In the meantime, I gotta work on other things that are worth talking about. Thank you once again for your continued support, and remember; “We don’t go on because it’s Ready, We go on Because it’s 11:30”. Stay tuned, everybody!


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