Was Blind, but now I See (Eventually)

The Following is what I’d like to call a “Maintenance” entry.


We’ve been at this now for almost 6 months, and for the most part, things have been somewhat OK—give or take the “Dead” periods. However, I need to address something that some readers have brought to my attention. Nothing to do with the content, but rather their inability to actually SEE the words that are being written. Believe me when I say, I’ve noticed it too—had to get new glasses because of it. This is mostly because of WordPress’ so called “Sela” setting, When I type something up here, I can see things perfectly fine, but once it’s published, I have to do more Squinting than Gilbert Gottfried does when reading 50 Shades of Grey. So, yes, I Totally see what people are complaining about.


The problem with fixing the problem is Time—or rather, lack thereof; I do have a life outside this blog, and sometimes the daily toils of the Real World take a higher priority. But nevertheless, I wouldn’t be a faithful webmaster if I didn’t do something to maintain the maintenance around here. So, here’s the plan: From now on, Everything I write will be in BOLD ink, and if I need to emphasize something, you will be seeing a lot more CAPS, Italics and/or Underlining (Or any given combination of the 3). Furthermore, I’m going to comb through everything I’ve written up to this point and make the necessary corrections—I’ve done about 40 of these things so far (not counting S.O.S.N.L.), so it should take no more than a weekend to finish (I hope).


As is the case with many a fledgling blog, we want to make sure you get the most out of what you come here for…and if it means easier to read words & fonts, who am I to argue? We hope that this makes things a little easier for the reader, and we also hope that this doesn’t take too much time to accomplish. In lieu of this, here is a pre-emptive reward for your patience……a seemingly nonsensical commercial for Sausages from Budapest, Hungary…enjoy, good luck getting it out of your head, and stay tuned…



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