Look on The Bright Side

I want to begin by quoting the words of a great broadcaster, financial analyst and one of the few beacons of objectivity in the broadcast industry (then and now)—the Late, Great, Louis Rukeyser. For those who aren’t old enough to remember who he is, or the show he did for PBS, let’s just say he was a voice of reason for the financial world that Jim Cramer WISHES he could be…unfortunately, there’s not enough Valium in the world for him to pull that off, but I digress. After the 1987 Stock Market crash, Rukeyser had this to say about the state of the country after it happened; and with the exception of money/Stock Market references, just about 99% of what he says is apt in light of yesterday:


“OK, let’s start with what’s REALLY Important Tonight…It’s just your Money, not your Life; Everybody who Really loved you a Week ago still loves you tonight, and that’s a heck of a lot more important than the numbers on a brokerage statement. The Robins will sing, The Croakases (sp?) will Bloom, Babies will gurgle, and Puppies will curl up in your lap and drift happily to sleep…Even when the Stock Market goes Temporarily Insane. Now that that’s all fully in perspective, let me say…OUCH! And EEK! And MEDIC! Tonight, we’re going to try to make sense out of Mass Hysteria…Meanwhile, let’s keep the windows sealed, and our hearts calm, for in the words of Adalai Stevenson, ‘I’m too old to cry, but it hurts too much to laugh.’”


I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t vote for President—actually, I wrote in Bernie Sanders’ name instead because of instant nostalgia. As you may have guessed by all the other stuff I’ve posted over the past few months; I live in New York, so chances are my vote for President wouldn’tve turned the tide in either direction—but that doesn’t mean I didn’t Vote AT ALL. Instead, I voted for those who were down-ballot, because unlike the President (whoever he or she may be as of this writing), it’s the lower houses of government that actually MAKE the laws, all the President does is sign them into Law (C’mon, this is the 2nd Time I had to use this clip to explain it). For me, personally, I’m beginning to think that the office of President of the United States is no more powerful than Queen of England—and that the true power of the country lies within the House & Senate the same way a Prime Minister & Parliament decides most European laws. So, in my mind, it really doesn’t matter who’s running the White House; if the President can’t get along with the House & Senate, we’re just going to wind up with more of the same anyway…and in the end, maybe that’s a blessing in disguise (even though it doesn’t look like the House or Senate is shifting that largely in power—but what else is new?).


I first started writing this on Tuesday Morning, As of Early Wednesday the Election has yet to be called. But since it’s already Wednesday Morning when I post this, we have some semblance of an idea (Recounts Pending). I don’t want to add any more doom and gloom to this subject that—quite frankly—everybody else in the Western World seems to have done these past 18 months; so instead, I want to spend some time splitting the difference. As I mentioned when I covered the First Debate; I’m Not a Republican, I’m not a Democrat, I support both Liberal & Conservative causes, and I happen to live in a State that has traditionally been a Blue State, even though the areas that are NOT NYC, Buffalo or Rochester are Deep in the Red. In short, you won’t find anybody within spitting distance of a Tumblr or Reddit feed who’s more neutral in Politics than I am. With that said, the purpose of this entry is to let everybody out there on All sides know what to do now that the Doomsday clock ticked either one minute forward or a minute backward (depending on who you were rooting for). In other words…….Now what?


The most important thing to realize is that if the person you were rooting for Lost, PUT THE PITCHFORKS & TORCHES DOWN NOW (If you’re more emotional, aim the Gun AWAY from your head or the heads of those who disagree with you, too)!!! Yes, you do have the right to be angry; Yes, you do have the right to cry, whine, grieve, mourn, or whatever else there is to do. The average grieving time is about 3 days, so you can have that. But then afterwards, you really have one of three options at hand; You could either sulk around and continue to think the world is gonna end no matter what, or you stand up and fight back in a non-Pitchfork/torch way (or ANY Weapon for that matter), or you could do what I did when Bush won Twice; say “Whatever” and grab something to eat. Like I said when I made my pseudo-endorsement a few weeks ago, no matter who is in charge of the United States of America, we have always remained a resilient nation that has rolled with many punches. Granted, this particular punch feels like one in the Jejunum that’ll then inflict vomiting, but ultimately, we’ll still bounce back. This has been a painful experience for Everybody involved, and there’s a lot that needs to be done until this shitstorm starts all over again in 4 years. The biggest thing to realize in this step is that Life Goes On, no matter who’s in charge. There will always be things to love & hate about this country, but it is up to us as Americans to make sure we keep ourselves in an emotional state of balance as we weigh the aftermath. The next most important thing to do (especially if you were rooting for whoever lost) is Breathe. A lot of Rash judgements are made when there isn’t enough oxygen going to your brain; so seriously, take a minute to breathe deep & exhale just as deep.


I really don’t want to dwell too much on this, Even if only a handful of people are reading this (and considering this entry has nothing to do with SNL, I can see that happening—and yes, they’re not off the hook for something they did last year that may/may not have cause this to happen in the first place……..but that’s ANOTHER Story.), I cannot stress strongly enough Not to Give up on America—Especially just because the person you (more than likely) voted for lost. Are we Perfect? Hell, no! Are we flawed? You better believe it! But I’d like to think that these flaws not only make us who we are, but we can also use those flaws to our advantage. Rafiki in “The Lion King” said it best; “You could either Run from your mistakes, or Learn from them”. This is going to one Hell of a lesson to learn, but I strongly believe that we can be taught if we’re willing to pay attention. Even more so, we’ve been through Hell plenty of times before, and we’ve always managed to pull ourselves back from the Brink of it just as many times. Regardless of what happens with this election as of this writing, rest assured it will not have any profound effect on your personal life, what you do, who you associate with, etc. People won’t all of a sudden change for the worse and automatically become assholes. And it certainly won’t mean immediate Armageddon on our country. As long as Trump doesn’t fuck everything up for everyone (as far as human relations), we should still be good. Carry on people (and Thanks again, Brandon, for giving me a closer).


In conclusion, I’m getting a basket of Chicken Strips & Fries for lunch later today; just like I got a Burger when Obama won Twice, some Pizza when Bush won the first time, and a cup of Pretzel Bites when he won the 2nd time. Despite all the doom & gloom that has been forecasted, I’m going to continue to do what I can to live a normal life, and YOU should too—In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a rise in “Carpe Diem” in the coming months, because we could use all the happiness we could get. And if you’re STILL bummed out about the outcome, take a tip from Eric Idle:


Besides, it could be a LOT worse…It COULD be President Chachi.


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