So, let’s see……In a year that has brought out the worst of humanity and the passing of people who represent the best of it, what the Hell is there to be Thankful for? Well…not much, but at least there’s the basics:

*This Blog, and all who read it (Obviously)
*My Health (Gummy Worm addiction notwithstanding)
*My Family…DESPITE The Psychosis
*My continuous gainful employment
*The Fact that they seem to like me at said place of employment
*The fact that said place of employment often has Free Swag lying around that helps me save time on Xmas Shopping
*Kitten (She knows who she is)
*And while we’re on the subject, That feeling you get when you bump into someone you Really Like that you haven’t seen in Years.
*An ample supply of Nostalgia on YouTube to watch whenever I feel REALLY Miserable.
*A Big Wedge of Cake from the Fair (Thanks for that one, Stewie)
*Citalopram to calm me down
*CoQ10 to make sure my Heart’s still beating
*Hardee’s Biscuits
*Rifftrax/MST3K/Bad Movies in General
*The Upper West Side
*The Chelsea/28th Street section
*The Battery
*The Top of Manhattan
*My iPod
*Marconi, for inventing wireless radio technology that allows me to have a job in the first place
*And of course, Food—The World’s Cheapest Anti-Depressant.



Here’s hoping your Turkey Day is incident Free!


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