Stocking Stuffer

Michael Brewer was just a normal college kid who loved playing soccer for Georgetown University—that is, until he had a serious accident on the soccer field during a practice session. Shortly after receiving medical care for his injury, Michael realizes that the accident has left him with a strange, extraordinary ability that he is reluctant to reveal. His world is turned upside down when he discovers that certain government agents, with less-than-honorable intentions, have found out about his secret, and will stop at nothing to grab him and use his ability for their own purposes.

When Michael finds himself in grave danger, his father sets in motion a plan to keep Michael one step ahead of the agents pursuing him. Forced to leave home at a moment’s notice, Michael connects with well-placed friends willing to help him try to out-maneuver the agents chasing him. Realizing he can use his new ability for either good or evil, Michael embarks on a journey into an exciting clandestine world he has never dreamed of.

Read “Asset on the Run” A Michael Brewer Suspense Novel by Ryan Stevenson & Richard Brandeis. Available at or wherever books are sold…makes a Great Gift!


(*SIGH*) OK Dad, that’s the SECOND Book I’ve plugged for you This Year; now can you PLEASE Give me back my Tablet! I Just discovered Downloading on Netflix!


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