Dumb Luck II: eLUCKtric Boogaloo

Time now for another “Adventure in Dumb Luck”.


Every once in a while, I get fliers in the mail from various used car dealerships telling me to come in for a chance to win something disguised as an attempt to sell me something I don’t need. I hardly ever do these things; but in the spirit of the holiday, I thought “What the Hell?” So today, I drove all the way up to the town about an hour from my home to visit one of these dealerships. They said I could spin twice if I donated a toy to “Toys for Tots”, which I did. So I spun & I wound up winning a Walmart Gift Card AND a Smartwatch (But before you get too excited, the watch was a brand I’ve never heard of, and was pretty much a knock-off to the nth degree…but Who Cares, it Worked, and it worked pretty good for a knock-off). After I left the car place (and since I was still in the area), I decided to stop off at a place I haven’t been to in years; My local Raceway. A lifetime ago when I used to work for a certain nearby radio station, I was a member of the raceway’s “Players Club”, and I saw something online saying if I updated my Info, i’d get free lottery tickets…so again, “What the Hell?”. Turns out, I had become inactive for so long, that they had to give me a new card…and along with it, a $10 Free play–I didn’t win on my scratch-offs, but THEN comes the crazy part. For the unintiated, this is also a place that’s mostly slot machines, but it also has OTBs (Off track betting). So for the first time in my life, I decided to play the ponies since I was playing with house money anyway. I knew nothing about horse statistics, so I determined my pick the only way I knew how–I added up the month, the day and the year (12/23/2016–1+2+2+3+2+0+1+6 = 17, 1+7 = 8), so that’s the horse I picked–a 4-1 shot named “Rear Admiral”. All in all, That 4-1 shot got me $40 on top of my Walmart card & off-off-off brand smartwatch…It was the most Lucrative Festivus Ever!

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