A Comment: The World

In the 9+ Months I’ve been doing this blog, I’ve seen readers visit the page from the following countries:

The United Kingdom
South Africa


I would never turn any of them away from our boarders, and neither should America…and that goes for the rest of the World yet to visit. Yes, there are some people in this World who want to make it a terrible place or make it a “Better” place for their benefit alone, but the World isn’t like that 100% of the time. There are nearly 8 Billion people in this world; good, bad, indifferent, you name it. Sometimes there’s universal agreement on some things, sometimes there’s universal division; but in the grand scheme of things, we’re all still just people despite all of our flaws. The world is a wonderful place despite those same flaws, but it can only remain a wonderful place if we become more united and less divisive.


The United States is often proclaimed as “The Greatest (or Most Powerful) Country in the World”, but to turn away people just because they’re productive members of society who just happen to be “different” in some way goes beyond any/all known extremes. Let me put it to you this way; My Father is Jewish, and his ancestry goes back to that of Russian Descent. My Mother was born a Catholic (converting when she married my Father), and her ancestry is of Irish Descent. Ignoring the converting for a second, this would technically make me a Russian Irish Jewish Catholic–which, now that I think about it, probably sounds like the worst idea for an alcoholic drink…but I digress. I come from a background so diverse and so unique, that if it were any other era, I’d probably be thrown out of the country even though I was born here. That’s how screwed up this whole thing is, it doesn’t matter what country you’re from, or what country you want to travel to to make a living, you first and foremost a human being. It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, middle-eastern, Latin/Hispanic, Asian, or any other race, color or creed. We should be Humans first well before we’re anything else–and trust me, I’ve known and seen a lot of them in 32 years of life on this planet; also, working in the most diverse city in the world, I come across more of them on a daily basis…and you know what? They Live perfectly normal lives! Not everybody is a good guy or a bad guy 100% of the time, they’re just living their lives to the best of their ability–and really, isn’t that what being a human being is all about? Hopefully, the powers that Be come to their senses about just what it means to be a “World Citizen”. Yes, I know that the country needs to be secure from whatever threats there are; but for all they know, they could be turning away somebody who could eventually help us in that effort–a scientist, an economist, somebody who has a really good bundt cake recipe, someone who can contribute something GOOD to society–They just need to look beyond whatever pre-conceived notions they have about people, and focus on who they are as individuals instead of ostracizing them just because they Happen to be synonymous with something negative at the moment.


There truly are good people in this world if you look beyond the flaws. I’ve always been taught to “Never Judge a Book by its Cover”; hopefully it’s not too late for others to re-learn the same thing.


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