DEFERRAL: Why I Like Bad Movies

I want to start a new feature here—partly because there are certain things I have been wanting to talk about since I started this blog, but for whatever reason; I don’t have either the time or the energy to write long diatribes about them…but I still want to anyway. In some cases, whenever a certain subject pops up that somebody else can talk about in a far more eloquent way than I ever could (but I still agree with it), that is when I will put up these entries that I will call “Deferrals”. In other words, I step out of the Editor’s chair for a moment, and let somebody else do the talking.


I wanted to talk about the phenomenon of movies that are “So Bad, they’re Good” since mentioning a particular SNL sketch that seems to have followed that formula once. As far as my own personal experience goes; I became a fan of “SBTG” movies ever since my sister showed me an episode of “Mystery Science Theater 3000” (MST3K for those who speak in acronyms). From there, thanks to the never ending ingenuity of the internet, I gradually got myself sucked further into the world of these movies, yet for some reason I never truly understood why I liked them so much. Bad Acting? Bad Story/Writing? Unintentionally intentional Bad Moments that make the movies that more “enjoyable”? Some sort of chemical imbalance? I honestly had no idea why I would become such a willing fan of such stupidity………….Until just this morning when I came across a video from the website Vox—and on that note, this is where I make my deferral. Using one of the reigning Kings of Bad Movies (Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room”) as a patient zero; here now is why (according to them) myself and countless others enjoy watching “So Bad, They’re Good” movies…



Thank you, Vox. That’s certainly a hell of a lot better than I could ever explain it.


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