TV ________: We’re Gonna need a BETTER Name

As I often do, whenever I experience down time at work, I like to go on what some would call a “Stream of Consciousness” when it comes to googling things. I.e. Search for one thing, then see how far the Rabbit Hole goes. Just for shits & giggles, I decided to check and see if there were any online radio stations that played TV theme songs—Quite honestly, I hope there are, because what fun would it be if you had the game to yourself (besides, I’ve always admired the “Underdog Mentality”). So imagine my surprise when I typed in the words “TV Theme Song Radio Station”, When THIS Page popped up as the top entry…


name change2


Surprisingly, I’m actually not angry about this for a number of reasons:


1.I’ve heard the channel, and it sounds pretty good…Really. Like I said, I’m glad there’s more than one of this kind of channel, because at least I know there’s an audience for this kind of thing. Therefore, the only thing to do if/when we launch (Still slated for September, BTW) is to sound better than the others; because where would the fun be without a little spirited competition?


2. I technically haven’t done anything yet, so changing a name shouldn’t be that big a hurdle to jump–just gotta do some touch-ups in photo shop once I come up with a better name.


3. These things happen in all forms of business (big ones & start-ups alike)—not everything is going to be 100% perfect to the intended design (TRIVIA: The Old UPN TV Network was supposed to be called “Blade”…just goes to show ‘ya). That’s why there’s a lot of honing, molding, shaping and polishing to be done until you pull the trigger so to speak.


The only thing that annoys me is that I now need to change a logo and revise some audio I put together…but again, this is no challenge whatsoever. I’ve been in radio now for 13 years, and if there’s anything I know how to do, it’s making a quick fix. Hopefully in a few weeks, we’ll have a New Name for our (Still to Premiere in September) TV Theme Song Channel, and we thank you for your patience. Just know for certain, that the show will go on…………I’m just glad I didn’t order any business cards/stationary yet. Stay Tuned.


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