PROGRAM NOTE (or “I REALLY suck at Math”)

I’ll be brief, we need to change a thing or two around with our “Starmaker” thing. As I mentioned in Yesterday’s Episode review, I had said that sometime in August, I would be doing a week-long salute to “Weekend Update” in conjunction with the upcoming run of WU Programs that will be airing beginning August 10th. On/Around that time, we should’ve also been at the half-way point on our “Starmaker” work as we were going to present another set of Commercial parodies at the halfway point; one Live sketch, one recorded, one set of each a day per 5-year period. When you add everything up, that would’ve meant that between that and “Update Week” that would mean a total of 23 sketches to write about over the course of an 8 day period…something that even I don’t have the stamina for on top of not just my regular job, but also preparing to launch my new TV Theme Song Radio station. So before my Brains turn into overcooked Spaghetti, something has to give.


Ergo, a revised game plan–The way things look right now, we begin talking about the “Host” Tapes on Wednesday, 7/26/17; There’s 12 tapes, 2 shows per tape, 24 sketches to cover in as many days as there are tapes. Once we’re done with that, we are then going to Jettison our planned “Commercial Break”, take that week off from Starmaker, and then focus on “Update Week” during the Week of August 21st thru 26th–yes, the Prime Time “Update” shows will be halfway finished by then, but at least they will still be done. Afterwards on the 30th (due to a surprise business trip), we will pick up where we left off on Starmaker with the “Classic Years” and “Special Edition” tapes. As a Result, the end-date for the whole thing should now be moved to the day before the Season Premiere on September 29th.


So, to recap:

*Starmaker Through August 19th.
*”Update Week” Aug 20th-26th
*Starmaker Resumes Aug 30th-Sept 29th.


Everybody Got That? OK…See ‘ya in the Morning.


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