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Previously on “I’m trying to launch a new Radio Station, but somebody took my name”, I was trying to launch a new radio station when somebody took my name. A common occurrence whenever anybody tries to start something brand new—especially when one has a limited time frame to do so. Nevertheless, it took a lot of Google searching and an equal lot of research to not only find a name that has not yet been taken, but also one that is by all accounts & purposes wholly original enough so that people can flock to it at a moment’s notice. The result? Instead of calling the new channel “TV Tunes”, it is now called (*DRUMROLL PLEASE*)…………


Starting September 16th, TV Tracks will be on the (online) air 24 hours a day playing nothing but TV’s Greatest Hits; Everything from the theme songs themselves, to original music written for television, to even album length & cover versions of the Themes. This is REALLY happening, folks. And just to show that I’m serious about all of this, we have (Un)officially launched the TV Tracks website this morning. SPOILER ALERT: If you go there now, you’re pretty much going to see a Bare-Bones operation, so try not to judge until later in September. What I CAN tell you, is that while we are getting this site up & running, we will soon begin some “Test” broadcasts just to make sure everything works the way it does; This will be followed by a week or so of “Pre-Launch” music, and then (if all continues to go as planned), we Launch 9/16 at 12PM EST. There will be some other things happening in conjunction with our formal launching, but we’ll cross those bridges once the time comes.


In the meantime, you can get to TV Tracks via the tab on the top of this page, or you could just Click & Bookmark THIS link. Poke around, do a little channel surfing, and above all else, Give me some feedback—last thing I want to do is deliver an inferior product; but at the same time, I’m still a bit of a novice when it comes to web development. All I ask is that you Bear with me, and hopefully by 9/16, you will hear something you will Never forget.



“Don’t Touch That Dial”, and STAY TUNED!


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